This executive summary shows the outcome of our Service Business Forum Event on Artificial Intelligence in Service, held on the 22/23rd of June in Zurich. During the event we analysed and discussed the research done on the topic by the Noventum team and came to several conclusions on key issues:
  • The Use Cases of AI in Service
  • The benefits, risks, and implementation steps challenges of using AI in Service
  • Some examples of AI applications in Service
  • Conclusions



In this session, Syncron's Niklas Jonsson Åberg shares some incredible insights into how companies can gradually evolve their service offerings. He explains what data is required and how the information derived from it can be used to continuously improve service offering, paving the way for a seamless transition to an outcome-based business model.




Engaging People in a World of Shortages Watch how Noventum’s associate consultant - as you will get the chance to hear real-life answers to your questions:
  • Is digitalization really impacting skills shortages, or is it helping to address them?
  • What is the scope and impact of this issue?
  • And more..