Research conclusions




    This executive summary shows the outcome of our Service Business Forum Event on Artificial Intelligence in Service, held on the 22/23rd of June, 2023, in Zurich. During the event we analysed and discussed the research done on the topic by the Noventum team and came to several conclusions on key issues
  • The Use Cases of AI in Service.
  • The benefits, risks, and implementation steps challenges of using AI in Service
  • Some examples of AI applications in Service​
  • Conclusions​
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    Companies are required to build up new capabilities to deliver digital services. However, not all digital capabilities are relevant for these new service business models, so we asked the participants what digital capabilities they want to invest in. The digital capabilities that more than 80% of service leaders consider essential are predictive maintenance and remote monitoring and control, and real-time data analysis”
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    Every manufacturer that offers service adopts typical service business models to deliver their services by building new service capabilities. The adoption of service business models is an evolution in which new capabilities open up new service business opportunities to generate profitable and sustainable growth.
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    The challenge of maintaining a skilled and engaged workforce to be able to meet service delivery requirements, and more importantly, the customer needs, has been a top 5 issue since technology service began, however it seems that the issue is much more acute right now! More recently many service companies have moved to a “remote by default” business model meaning that new skills, and indeed changed working practices, are needed. So how have service companies dealt with this challenge?


    Our research showed that while most companies were satisfied that they had the right skill mix today to meet their customer contracts, there were still 22% who felt that service commitments were threatened by a lack of key skills.
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