What our participants say

    ''The service business forum provided a platform where we as service leaders could really exchange and share our own experience''

    -Sascha von Wangenheim, METLER TOLEDO


    ''We had more time for personal discussions than at any other conference''

    -Johannes Parensen, GMS Development


    ''I really liked the fact that it all started with a solid research and that we were actually discussing the results amongst service leaders to make it meaningful''


    ''The workshop and advisory board session were very insightful. It was a great opportunity to network and share thoughts with like-minded service leaders. It was revitalizing and energizing''


    ''It is more workshop-like than frontal lesson with respect to other events. This facilitates knowledge sharing and comparison''


    ''I left the workshop with a very good idea of where service businesses stand on AI and what the important factors are to move forward''